General Membership terms and conditions  

1.1. These basic membership conditions are part of the contract between Prime Consulting SA (hereinafter referred to as "Prime Coworking") and the member.

1.2. These basic membership conditions apply to all Prime Coworking Offices in Cabo Verde.

1.3. For individuals, the minimum age at Prime Coworking is 18 years. You must be able to identify yourself on request. If it turns out that you are under the age of 18, your membership will be terminated with immediate effect. In this case, neither the registration fee nor any membership fees paid so far will be reimbursed.

2.1 The central service of Prime Coworking are memberships without a long-term contract.

2.2 Unless otherwise stated, membership begins on the day you register. With the registration you will be charged the membership fee of 15€ equivalent to the OneDay package cost.

2.3 You will be monthly charged for your subscribed package (Basic, Premium or Deluxe) using the subscription start date as the initial date; In case you don't start on the first week of the month, the first invoice will charge only the remaining days of the month. 

2,4 You can cancel your membership at any time on your account at Once you have canceled your membership, it will remain active until the end of the following month. 

3.1 Another service from Prime Coworking is a membership with a 12-month contract for Deluxe Packages (Private rooms), customised for the customer needs.

3.2 All subscriptions for Basic and Premium, will be moved to Membership without contract until the end of 2021.  

3,3 Unless otherwise stated, membership begins on the day of registration. 

3.3 You will be monthly charged for your subscribed package Deluxe using the subscription start date as the initial date; In case you don't start on the first week of the month, the first invoice will charge only the remaining days of the month. 

3,4 You can cancel your subscription any time to a specific indicated ending date on your account at Once you have canceled your subscription, it will remain active until the end of the ending month indicated. 

4.1 The trial phase begins with the submission of the registration form.

4.2 After submitting the registration form, you will receive an access code with which you can use to Prime Coworking office.

4.3 You can only register once for a free trial day.

5.1 You must always have your personal access credentials with you in the Coworking space. These credentials can be a pincode+id or Access Key.

5.2 As a member of Prime Coworking, you should  cowork on your designated main office/branch. Coworking in other offices is possible if the space is not overbooked; please check with the host through available channels or whatsApp.

5.2 Membership in Prime Coworking is personal and others are not allowed to use your access chip. Accordingly, your chip may not be loaned or transferred to others;  if this situation occurs  membership can be terminated without prior notice, without reimbursement of the registration fee or previously paid membership fees.

5.3 Guests should be registered using or by informing the host (Coworker member from Prime Consulting)

6.1 As a member of Prime Coworking, you manage your membership yourself online under This means that you have to log in if you want to change your personal details, your main office, billing details, payment methods,  suspend your membership, cancel, etc. Communications by post or e-mail are ineffective. When you let it rest or when you cancel your membership, you will receive a confirmation of the suspension or cancellation by email.

6.2 For enterprises, the subscriber can grant permissions to other members to change the subscriptions and the membership.

6.3 You can pause your subscriptions for up to 3 months per year, without paying the monthly fee.

6.4 You don't need to cancel your membership if you have the intention to restart.

6.5  For periods longer than 3 months, the membership will be closed and we will not have access to your account at

7,1 As a member of Prime Coworking, you agree that your credit card / debit card will be debited with the membership fee on the first of each month. You are responsible for ensuring that your payment details are up-to-date at all times. For example, you need to make sure that your credit card is valid at all times. You can change your payment details under

7.2 You can choose to pay directly to the Prime Coworking bank accounts indicated on invoices, thought Paypal ou Vinti4 Easylink.

7.3 Cash payment is not accepted.

7.4 Prime Coworking reminds you of unpaid membership fees by email or SMS.

7.5 With 2 unpaid invoices the subscription is suspended and your credentials revoked.

7.6 If payments are not made, you will receive a notification of the automatic termination of your membership by e-mail or SMS. After several reminders, we hand over the outstanding amount for collection. At under the menu items "Payment" and "Check previous payments" you will find a confirmation of receipt for each membership fee paid.

8.1 As a member of Prime Coworking, you should familiarize yourself with the security plan in your main office. You can find it in the entrance area. The safety plan is a floor plan of the office with information on emergency exits and fire extinguishers, call stations, and what to do in the event of various emergencies that may arise in the office.

8.2 Only some staff are present in the Prime Coworking offices. This is why video cameras may be used on the entrance to prevent or clear up vandalism and other potential mishaps. In the event of accidents or similar incidents, video surveillance can be helpful for you. As a member, you consent to this procedure.

8.3 Coworking at Prime is at your own risk. You are also fully responsible for personal items that you bring into the office. You should keep the clean desk policy independenly of the subscribed package!

8.4 As a member of Prime Coworking, you undertake to comply with the applicable rules of conduct at all times. You can see the rules of conduct in

8.5 If a member violates the membership conditions or rules of conduct, Prime Coworking can terminate membership without notice without reimbursement of the registration fee or previously paid membership fees.

9.1 As a member of Prime Coworking, you consent to the collection, storage and processing of your registration and subscription data. These processes are carried out to manage the customer relationship, to comply with fiscal legislation and to optimize our packages and opening times. In this context, we collect and process your personal data and save the times in which you registered your personal access chip in our offices.

9.2 As a member, you agree that Prime Coworking may use electronic means of communication to communicate with you with regard to all important aspects of your customer relationship, including newsletters and the marketing of new offers and services.

9.3 We store your personal data for the duration of your membership in Prime Coworking and then for a further 3 months. Invoices data is kept as required by legislation.

9.4 As a member, you have the right to the transparency of your personal data as well as to the correction and addition of the data. Since the communication of personal data is voluntary, you can revoke your consent at any time, unless the legal circumstances permit or require the storage of such data (as for the obsolescence of the customer relationship). 

10.1  Prime Coworking can adjust its prices in line with the development of the consumer price index without prior notice, but by a maximum of 3% per year. Other price changes must be communicated by email or SMS with 30 days' notice.

10.2 In the Prime Coworking offices, a high level of quality should be maintained at all times so that you can work under the best possible conditions. In order to carry out the necessary maintenance work, Prime Coworking reserves the right to close offices at any time for up to 3 days per calendar year.

103. Prime Coworking can change the general membership conditions. In the event of significant changes or changes that are disadvantageous for the member, Prime Coworking will inform the members a reasonable time before the changes take effect.

10.4 Prime Coworkers has the right to monitor the quality of services provided and to give feedback by email, or via

10.5 Prime Coworkers has the right to suspend subscription without prior notice if the minimal expected conditions to cowork are not provided.

10.1  A subscribed coworker can request a promotion code/voucher.  The request can be done using the Ticket feature.

102. The voucher owner can invite new potencial coworkers to use his voucher.

10.3. The voucher owner gets a discount on his own subscription, for each new subscription using his voucher.

10.4 The invited coworker also receives a discount with the same amount of the voucher.

10.5 Duration:

  • The discount for the voucher is applied monthly;

  • for the owner, while both subscription (owner and invited) are active;  

  • for the invited, while his subscription is active.

10.6 Amount: The amount is defined in percentage and set when assigned to the owner. 

These General Membership terms and conditions are valid from 01/10/2021. For additional informations please send an email to